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ON-LINE SURPLUS AUCTIONS: The fastest growing and most popular feature of the system, the Surplus Auction is for selling excess assets or seized property. The Surplus Auction feature is available to any organization including Counties, Cities, Townships, Villages, Corporations, Schools, Parks, Police/Sheriff, Fire/EMS, Street Departments, Water Departments and so on. It can be set up for a specific department, your entire organization or anywhere in between.

    How it works:
  • List items at your own pace. The site is available to you 24/7.
  • Attach as many pictures as you like.
  • You may also attach files such as PDFs, Word documents, Excel spread sheets, even movie files (Anything that helps answer questions from potential bidders).
  • Terms and conditions are determined by you.
  • Items can be listed by department or through a single point of contact.
  • You can list individual items, list similar items in 'lots', or even combine popular items with less popular items.
  • Auctions run at any time you like, for as long as you like. Whatever strategy works best for you.
  • You do not need to be present when auctions end.
  • The system automatically notifies you and the winning bidder upon auction close.
  • You are never charged a commission for any items unless they sell
  • The system is impartial and provides transparency in the disposition of your items.
  • Allows more of the community to participate in the process.
  • Brings revenue back to your organization.
  • Supports your 'Green' initiatives by sending less items to landfills.
    Even more benefits:
  • Visitors see your items, not a list of items from across the country.
  • We assist in getting attention to your items, even the most specialized items.
  • Easy status display and reporting to assist in reconciling process.

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