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On-Line Procurement Auctions: Allows for competitive bidding from vendors for any goods and services you are in the market for. This is ideal when you are purchasing items in bulk when Vendors are more willing to be flexible with their pricing. The Procurement Auction can be used for services as well. Yard service, cleaning service, anything that you might contract out can be listed as a procurement auction.

    How it works:
  • Simply set a maximum price and post a description of your needs along with an electronic copy of any documents that vendors would need in order to bid.
  • Bidding occurs on-line where vendors can see bids and compete for your business.
LightGov staff members are available to assist in finding qualified vendors, helping them register, and providing assistance as needed.

There is a modest pass-through charge for use of the Procurement Auction system. That is to say you will be billed a small predetermined percentage of the winning bid that is intended to be passed on to the winning vendor.

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