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eGuardianship - Guardian and Rep Payee Online Management Tools
eGuardianship is our online management and accounting service for guardians, guardianships, trustees and the courts. Check our websitesite:
We offer the solution as a secure Internet-based ASP service, with LightGov responsible for software and system management. Users are able to access eGuardianship from their PC's on the Internet using a standard browser. LightGov provides training, implementation assistance, telephone hotline support, and regular software upgrades.
Here are some key system features and benefits of eGuardianship system:

  • Most effective way to manage the relationship between a ward and guardian/guardianship agency. eGuardianship also allows for a court or agency to administrate and oversee all guardian activities
  • The only solution of its kind that is delivered securely over the internet which eliminates costly hardware/software investments for guardians and their agencies.
  • Allows users to access the system securely through remote locations simply by using an internet browser such as Internet Explorer. It allows your staff or yourself to be at the wards house or health care facility and have access to all records.
  • Allows courts to mandate uniform reporting requirements across all guardians/guardianships/payeeships and allows for electronic filing. Reminders can be set up as “ticklers” alerting users that important reports need to be filed.
  • Has a dynamic reporting feature built in that allows users to generate reports on-the-fly and get results fast.
  • Can handle all needed information in one central location. Keep track of fiduciary, clinical, and estate records. Upload documents attaching them to certain areas for viewing or printing at a later time.
  • Eliminates repetitious entry of data across the scale. The case worker, case manager, social workers, fiscal officers and guardian all can have access to view and/or modify this information based on varying levels of permission.
  • Permission levels can be changed on a per user basis and can be done quickly and easily.
  • Allows for a single aggregated check to be printed per vendor to pay bills of all associated wards.
  • Can help to facilitate EFT with banks and allows for easy upload of bank statements to ease reconciliation and clearing of checks.

If you are interested in more information please contact:

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